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The Hypodermic-Syringe Model Essay -- science

The Hypodermic-Syringe Model The hypodermic syringe model recommend that the media is indistinguishable an enchantment shot and when a crowd of people is focused on it will quickly be thumped down when they are hit. The hypodermic-syringe model likewise proposes that society is inactive and the media â€Å"inject† their media impact into society and controls it. The Frankfurt school imagined the media as a hypodermic syringe, and the substance of the media were infused into the considerations of the crowd, who acknowledged the perspectives, conclusions and convictions communicated by the media undeniably. This model was a reaction to the German fascist’s utilization of film and radio for purposeful publicity, and later applied to American industrialist society. The supporters of the hypodermic model of Effects received a variation of Marxism, underlining the risks of the intensity of free enterprise, which possessed and controlled new types of media. Analysts in the fifties likewise upheld the Effects model while investigating the capability of the new mode of TV. Analysts were especially worried over increments in the portrayal of savage follows up on TV, which related with increments in brutal acts in the public arena. In the nineties, there was impressive worry over what were classified video nasties. The newspaper papers made a sentimental hysteria about whether specific violet movies could impact youngster conduct †and whether Childs Play 3 affected the kid enemies of Jamie Bulger, however there was no confirmation that they had viewed it....

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Heart Of Darkness (1021 words) Essay Example For Students

Heart Of Darkness (1021 words) Essay Heart of DarknessHeart of DarknessIn Joseph Conrads book Heart of Darknessthe Europeans are cut off from human progress, surpassed by eagerness, exploitation,and material interests from his own sort. Conrad creates subjects of personalpower, singular obligation, and social equity. His book has allthe trappings of the traditional experience story secret, fascinating setting,escape, anticipation, unforeseen assault. The book is a record of things seenand done by Conrad while in the Belgian Congo. Conrad utilizes Marlow, themain character in the book, as a storyteller so he himself can enter the storyand tell it out of his own philosophical brain. Conrads journeys to theAtlantic and Pacific, and the banks of Seas of the East brought contrastsof curiosity and intriguing disclosure. When Conrad took his harrowingjourney into the Congo in 1890, reality had gotten unqualified. The Africanventure considered as his plunge along with hellfire. He returned assaulted by the illnessand mental int erruption which subverted his wellbeing for the remaining yearsof his life. Marlows venture into the Congo, similar to Conrads venture, wasalso important. Marlow encountered the vicious danger of nature, the insensibilityof reality, and the ethical dimness. We have seen that significant motivesin Heart of Darkness interface the white men with the Africans. Conrad knewthat the white men who come to Africa maintaining to bring progress andlight to darkest Africa have themselves been denied of the sanctionsof their European social requests; they likewise have been distanced from theold inborn ways. Tossed upon their own internal spiritualresources they might be totally condemned by their voracity, their sloth, and theirhypocrisy into moral inconsequentiality, similar to the explorers, or they perhaps so degenerate by their supreme control over the Africans that some Marlowwill need to lay their memory among the dead Cats of Civilization.' (Conrad105.)The assumed motivation behind the Europeans travelinginto Africa was to edify the locals. Rather they colonized on thenatives land and defiled the locals. Africans bound with straps that contractedin the downpour and slice deep down, had their swollen hands beaten with riflebutts until they tumbled off. Binded slaves had to drink the whitemans poop, hands and feet were cleaved off for their rings, menwere arranged behind one another and shot with one cartridge , injured prisonerswere eaten by slimy parasites till they bite the dust and were then tossed to starving dogsor ate up by savage clans. (Meyers 100.)Conrads Diary validated the accuracyof the conditions depicted in Heart of Darkness: the chain packs, thegrove of death, the installment in metal bars, the barbarianism and the humanskulls wavering posts. Conrad didn't overstate or develop the horrorsthat gave the political and helpful reason for his assault on imperialism. The Europeans removed the locals land from them forcibly. They burnedtheir towns, took their property, and oppressed them. George WashingtonWilliams expressed in his diary,Mr. Stanley should have madetreaties with in excess of 400 local Kings and Chiefs, by whichthey gave up their privileges to the dirt. But then a large number of these peopledeclare that they never made an arrangement with Stanley, or some other whiteman; their properties have been detracted from them forcibly, and they sufferthe most prominent wrongs on account of the Belgians. (Conrad 87.)Conrad saw exceptional ravenousness in the Congo. The Europeans back home saw else; they saw that the tons ofivory and elastic being brought back home was an indication of deliberate conductin the Congo. Conrads Heart of Darkness referenced nothing about the tradingof elastic. Conrad and Marlow couldn't have cared less for ivory; they thought about theexploration into the darkest Africa. An artistic creation of a blindfolded womancarrying a lit light was examined in the book. The foundation wasdark, and the impact of the light all over was evil. The oilpainting speaks to the visually impaired and inept ivory organization, falsely lettingpeople accept that other than the ivory they were removing from the jungle,they were, simultaneously, carrying light and progress to the wilderness. .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794 , .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794 .postImageUrl , .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794 .focused content zone { min-stature: 80px; position: relative; } .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794 , .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794:hover , .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794:visited , .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794:active { border:0!important; } .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794 .clearfix:after { content: ; show: table; clear: both; } .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794 { show: square; progress: foundation shading 250ms; webkit-change: foundation shading 250ms; width: 100%; haziness: 1; change: murkiness 250ms; webkit-change: darkness 250ms; foundation shading: #95A5A6; } .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794:active , .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794:hover { obscurity: 1; change: mistiness 250ms; webkit-progress: obscurity 250ms; foundation shading: #2C3E50; } .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794 .focused content territory { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794 .ctaText { fringe base: 0 strong #fff; shading: #2980B9; text dimension: 16px; textual style weight: striking; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; content enrichment: underline; } .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794 .postTitle { shading: #FFFFFF; text dimension: 16px; text style weight: 600; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; width: 100%; } .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794 .ctaButton { foundation shading: #7F8C8D!important; shading: #2980B9; outskirt: none; fringe span: 3px; box-shadow: none; text dimension: 14px; textual style weight: intense; line-tallness: 26px; moz-fringe sweep: 3px; content adjust: focus; content improvement: none; content shadow: none; width: 80px; min-stature: 80px; foundation: url( arrow.png)no-rehash; position: supreme; right: 0; top: 0; } .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794:hover .ctaButton { foundation shading: #34495E!important; } .u277ac42 a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794 .focused content { show: table; stature: 80px; cushioning left: 18px; top: 0; } .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794-content { show: table-cell; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; cushioning right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-adjust: center; width: 100%; } .u277ac42a63ed899ffcf7126e00145794:after { content: ; show: square; clear: both; } READ: Primus Securities Website Simulation EssayConrad referenced in his journal that missions were set up to Christianizethe locals. He did exclude the missions into his book in light of the fact that theland was coercively detracted from the locals, along these lines getting a churchdoes not help if the locals have no will. Supplies got the countrywere left outside and deserted, and a block producer who made no bricks,lights up the way that the Europeans couldn't care less to enable the locals to advance. When Marlow arrived at the principal station, he saw what used to be apparatuses andsupplies, that were to help progress the land, laid in squander upon the ground. I happened upon a heater floundering in thegrass, at that point found a way driving up the slope. It turned aside for the bouldersand additionally for a small railroad truck lying there on its back with itswheels noticeable all around. I happened upon more bits of rotting hardware, astack of rust rails. No change showed up on the substance of the stone. Theywere building a railroad. The precipice was not in the method of anything, butthis objectless impacting was all the work going on. (Conrad 19.)George Washington Williams wrote in hisdiary that three and a half years cruised by, yet not one mile of street bedor train tracks was made. Ones mercilessness is ones force; and when one partswith ones cold-bloodedness, one sections with ones force, says William Congreve,author of The Way of the World. (Tripp 206.) The Europeans persuasively tookaway the locals land and afterward subjugated them. All the models given arepart of one tremendous thought of pitilessness brutality that the Euro pean whitemen accept in light of the fact that its casualties are vulnerable. These are magical revelationsof keeps an eye on dim self. BibliographyConrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness: Backgroundsand Criticisms. New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1960. Meyers, Jeffrey. Joseph Conrad. New York:Charles Scribners Sons, 1991. Conrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness third ed. Ed. Robert Kimbrough. New York: Norton Critical, 1988. Williams, George Washington. Heart of Darkness. By Joseph Conrad 3rded. Ed. Robert Kimbrough. New York: Norton Critical 1988. 87. Tripp, Rhoda Thomas. Thesaurus of Quotations. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell, 1970.

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Bad Ideas Weekend 2019

Bad Ideas Weekend 2019 “The winter has come. The days are dark, cold, and dreary. There is little happiness, and little to look forward to; no hope remains. In this climate of despair and misery, we finally go crazy. All rationality is lost. We are here to celebrate the ideas that are borne of this insanity.” 01 The only true part of this quote is the first sentence. Winter here is cold, yes, but beautiful. Besides the lower temperatures, everything is pretty normal â€" no darker, colder, or drearier than it has been since I got here. For me, IAP has been a time of relaxation and recreational exploration. Bad Ideas is an annual tradition at MIT, revolving around East Campus. Over one weekend during IAP, students compete in ridiculous events02 Anyone with a bad idea can apply to receive the resources and support needed to make it happen. . People came up with all sorts of bad ideas that pushed our stomachs, hearts, and brains to the limit. Here is my experience at six of them! I. 2^n cookies Floor 2 East was the base for the 2^n cookies operation, led by  Adriana J. 20 and Nadine E. 22. The goal was to reach  n=13! Thats 8,192 cookies. By the end of the day, 2 East succeeded in making 2,925 cookies, a total approximately equal to 2^11.514. Just for clarity, these cookies were made  from scratch not with frozen dough! orange line marks 2,925 cookies (n = 11.514) I arrived at 2 East when they had just reached the 800-cookie mark. The kitchen was beautifully efficient â€" across each counter, people were mixing, rolling, and then placing cookie dough onto trays. In another area, people were collecting and counting the finished cookies. The foot-tall pile of cookies covered the entire surface of a large table. It was the kind of cookie mountain that would have made my 5 year old self03 tbh, my current self too jump up and down in excitement. I had a bunch of them and they were  really good. a mountain of ingredients turns into a mountain of cookies To make a lot of cookies, you need a lot of ingredients. 2 East bought  107 pounds of flour,  336 sticks of butter, 28 dozen eggs, and  125 pounds of chocolate chips, in addition to a ton of baking powder, baking soda, salt, sugar, and vanilla extract. About half of the ingredients were actually used on Saturday and the rest has since been distributed to other halls to bake desserts for birthdays and other special days! The cookies were finished off at the Bad Ideas Ball held on Sunday night. Organizers Adriana J. 20 and Nadine E. 22 pictured 3rd and 4th from the left, respectively. II. Time Complexity of Ice Cream Consumption Algorithms each ice cream serving was weighed and consumers were timed Computer science student Kavya R. 20 explored her interest in algorithms at this event. She timed people as they ate three servings of ice cream, each of which varied in size, to determine the time complexity of each persons ice cream consumption algorithm. Time complexity is a measure of how long a program (or, in this case, a person) takes to process a given input (such as servings of ice cream). seemed pretty linear III. Green Building Challenge I voluntarily climbed up an 18-story building 22 times. I did this with a team, and we placed third! we climbed this, 22 times. This was perhaps the worst of the bad ideas I took part in. It was so bad that  I wrote an entire post about it!  I analyzed some heart rate data and did an analysis of the winning teams strategies.  My team is planning on doing this again next year. The data has shown us what well need to do to win first place. ;) IV. FitnessGram Pacer Test If you attended high school in the United States, you have probably ran the FitnessGram Pacer Test, a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues04 quote should have been read in a computer-generated male voice .   Last spring, I thought I ran the pacer test for the last time. But, since someone had the bad idea to run the test in the East Campus courtyard, I found myself running it yet again. The person who reached the highest number won a prize. If I recall correctly, one of the people in the photo above won this challenge with a score of around 83. V. Python Bee The Python bee was hilarious to watch. Competitors coded blind, under time pressure, in front of a large audience â€" a recipe for success! Im planning on competing next year for sure. To start, competitors had to define a function that would print the sum of all odd numbers in a given list. Some did this using lambda functions while others used for loops. Next, competitors were asked to print 2019 without using any digits in their code. The questions got progressively harder from there. When people were eliminated, it was usually because of issues like missing spaces or indents â€" not because they didnt think of good solutions. These are expected errors when you cant see what youre writing. VI. Family Feud East Campus floors battled each other in a surprisingly realistic round of Family Feud! People were packed into the Talbot lounge to watch. There was even a Steve Harvey (a student with a stick-on mustache). Two of my favorite questions and answers were: Q: What is a word starting with E that describes East Campus? A: East Q: Name a type of chip. A: potato, tortilla, computer Without a doubt, Bad Ideas 2019 was a  fantastic time. I felt a unique thrill from committing serious effort to activities that were so clearly bad ideas, whether it was climbing up an 18-story building for four hours or baking thousands of cookies. It was inspiring, too â€" seeing my peers dedicate so much energy and skill into making one weekend of bad ideas a success reminded me of what MIT students can do when we put our minds to it. Post Tagged #Bad Ideas Weekend #East Campus #Exercise The only true part of this quote is the first sentence. Winter here is cold, yes, but beautiful. Besides the lower temperatures, everything is pretty normal â€" no darker, colder, or drearier than it has been since I got here. For me, IAP has been a time of relaxation and recreational exploration. back to text ? Anyone with a bad idea can apply to receive the resources and support needed to make it happen. back to text ? tbh, my current self too back to text ? quote should have been read in a computer-generated male voice back to text ?

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Social Democracy - Pluralism Essay - 486 Words

Social Democracy Pluralism By definition - A system of government that allows and encourages public participation, particularly through the activities of pressure groups seeking to influence the government. Traditional socialism has always been associated with an analysis of society that class differences are crucial, in particular the middle classes - those who have gained to the working classes expense - summarised, the two classes interests are in conflict. Social democrats believe society is far more complex than a class interest struggle, and this concept becomes outdated in a pluralist society - a community of individuals and varied interests. Traditional Socialism is arguably†¦show more content†¦(E.g. A flourishing state run education system should not preclude private education system existence but merely run alongside each other to provided excellence and choice for education.) New Right conservatives = monetarism - laissez faire - little involvement as possible - neo liberalism Traditional Socialists = Keynesian economics - cause to intervene in economy - ensuring stability and enhancing personal liberty. Prefer these economic management strategies. Social democrats reject such a dogmatic approach - need for a pragmatic pluralist approach to economic policy. It was a member of the Labour Party in 50/60s who suggested economic state control. He ascertained that a pluralist approach to ownership and means of production would be suitable. For example some enterprises are ideal for public ownership but some are necessary for state rule etc. Therefore there should be a mixed economy, with ownership distributed according to circumstances. Individualism ============= Essentially socialism is a doctrine of collectivism - goals are better achieved by combined effort. Social democracy places greater emphasis on individual endeavour. In SD, Collectivism only serves the purpose of improving opportunities and choices for individuals.Show MoreRelatedLabour Party Today2604 Words   |  11 Pagesjustice, liberty, community, cooperation, internationalism, collectivism public ownership . Variants of Socialism: Marxism, Anarchist Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Social Democracy, New Labour? Revolutionary Socialism and Evolutionary Socialism Fundamentalist Socialism and Revisionism Democratic Socialism and Social Democracy Old Labour and New Labour Similarities and differences between Socialism and other ideologies 1945-51 Labour in Power The Labour Manifesto for the 1945 GeneralRead MoreContemporary Theories Of The United States Government1609 Words   |  7 Pagesgovernment is a democracy, a system of elected policymakers and an organized government so that policy is created in favor to the people s wants and needs. Many like to categorize this system of government off of its characteristics and patterns. Three theories have been grouped into the three contemporary theories of democracy, where the United States fits into each in a different way. Pluralism reflects the use of groups advocating for a single cause, while Hyperpluralism is Pluralism that did notRead MoreSocial Policy is a Pluralistic Process.973 Words   |  4 Pagesinvolvement of the pluralistic process in making of social policy. The essay is divided into four main sections. It will first define the key terms as: social policy, pluralism, welfare; and describe the role of the social policy, pluralism, but also to make connection between this terms and their ideology. It will then go on to consider how social policy gets made; it can assess the extent to which different ideas actually become social policy. The different models will help to judgeRead MorePluralism As An Ethical Imperative For A Democratic Communication1126 Words   |  5 PagesPluralism as an ethical imperative for a democratic communication The concepts of civil rights and citizenship are rooted in the Enlightenment and the liberal revolutions of the 18th Century, in which the individual was at the core of the intellectual, philosophical, and political concern. In that sense, these ideas should be historically and intellectually reviewed rather than naturalized as the only way to organize social life. Actually, the Westernized nature of this tradition cannot be neglectedRead MoreCritically Assess the Pluralist and Marxist Views of the State1553 Words   |  7 PagesWhilst pluralism and Marxism are said to have developed from liberalism and socialism respectively (through criticising or expanding on those ideologies) thereby both appearing on the left of the left-right economic scale, a great part of their theories are indeed notably different, if not completely in contrast with each other. However, if we look closely at these theories, the one similarity, often overlooked by critics, is the fact that both offer a criti que of the state despite the fact thatRead MoreThe New Negro, By Alain Locke1707 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout Alain Locke’s works â€Å"Values and Imperatives,† â€Å"Pluralism and Intellectual Democracy,† â€Å"Cultural Relativism and Ideological Peace,† â€Å"The New Negro,† and â€Å"Harlem,† I found there to be a number of reoccurring themes, such as absolutes, imperatives, values, and relativism and their place in pluralism. I am going to be focusing on all the aforementioned themes and showing how they are all intertwined into the principles of pluralism. What is an absolute? In â€Å"Values and Imperatives,† LockeRead MoreLevels and Spheres of Business Power1726 Words   |  7 Pagespolitical power could be more accurately described by the theory of Democratic Pluralism to be discussed later. Yet by the late 1960s, Marxist ideas experienced something of a revival and writers such as Ralph Miliband aimed to rehabilitate the Marxist theory of the ruling class. According to Miliband, capitalism had not undergone very significant changes since the 19th Century and theories of post-capitalism and democratic pluralism were themselves not accurate. Miliband recognised that the BourgeoisieRead MoreLiberal Pluralism Vs. Modern Society Essay1628 Words   |  7 PagesPrior to engaging with the examples is is necessary to outline the characteristics of the two political economy paradigms. Liberal-Pluralism is relatively optimistic in its perspectives of capitalist society. Several different interest groups compose society, according to Liberal-pluralism (Louw, 14-15) and within that society, Media can be considered an agent of democracy because the relationship between media and audience is seen as even, in that, media requires large audiences to generate revenueRead MorePolitical T heory: Pluralism, Corporatism and Public Choice1716 Words   |  7 PagesTopic 2: Political Theory: Pluralism, Corporatism and Public Choice Pluralism is a political theory that related to the acknowledgement for diversification that exist in society. Everyone has different views and appreciation for different value in life. Pluralism is a sign of theoretical standpoint on state ad power as well as resources. It depends on how it will be distributed in democratic state like United States of America (USA). Two famous name in mentioned by Manley (1983) in his articleRead MoreImpact Of Globalization On Journalism On A Global Scale1677 Words   |  7 PagesPower and democracy play an extremely large role in media industries as well as spatial, economic and political inequalities. To understand this concept cultural labour, indigenous media practises as well as impacts of neoliberalism will need to be addressed to establish the impact of intensifies market forces on journalism on a global scale. (Lechner, 2002) Neoliberalism is the political monetary standard of our time- it alludes to the approaches and techniques whereby a relative handful of private

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The French Revolution and Napoleon 1789-1804 - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 927 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2019/06/26 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: French Revolution Essay Did you like this example? Introduction The start of the French Revolution was regarded by many as a new beginning and full of hope. People felt that it represented an age of equality and freedom. However, this event was actually marked by violent events and injustice. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The French Revolution and Napoleon 1789-1804" essay for you Create order Rise of a new dictator, Napoleon Bonaparte Those who took part this event only expected a moderate change Their attempts actually lead to a severe and dramatic conclusion with the kings execution and Frances formation of a republic. Changes were to occur within the revolution and within the life of France altogether. The overthrowing of the government leads to a decline of upper classes Middle classacquired wealth and influence PeasantsFreed from troubles During this time, the Roman Catholic Church lost most of its power This event was commonly divided into three stages First stage (1789-1795)Rapid development from mediu2m to severe conflict to the ruling classes Second stage (1795-1799)return to caution and conservatism Final stage (1799)Napoleon takes the title of first consul II.The Aims and Domestic problems of French politicians (1789-91) Long Term Causes of the French Revolution Before the Revolution, Louis XIV also known as the Sun King (1638-1715) and Louis XV (1710-74) had ruled the country for over 130 years. France had been a monarchy for most of its time The Power of the King, the Nobles and the Church Limited game selection Limited bonus and promotion offers No Live Chat and 24/7 Customer Support Regional Divisions and Financial Troubles Power of the throne was passed to King Louis XVI who happened to be more enlightened than previous generations King kept his authority with few limitations Certain classes had more privilege than others Nobles had considerable privileges which included low taxes Middle classes only existed in small percentages and had some privileges Peasants suffered the most as the burden of taxes mainly fell upon them Church supported the monarchy using its power and defy anyone that would go against and challenge them The most serious problem, however, was the countrys financial debt. Diverse regions made France a challenging country to rule and govern This created distinction between the north and south of France as these regions differed in language, culture, and law. Some places strongly guarded their traditional rights Local institutions had to record issued laws by the king To make situations worse, France depended hugely on agriculture. The ongoing wars were proven to be expensive to pay off High taxes were imposed upon the rich Was defeated by the upper class and the Church who used their privileges to defend against the reform In the end, tradition prevented the kings taxation The Enlightenment Poor harvests over time impacted the country greatly resulting in food shortages and inflation. This resulted in many falling into poverty and starvation The particular situation influenced and contributed significantly to the outbreak of the French Revolution The queen who disfavored at that time, was accused and viewed as uncaring for the people suffering. Short-term Causes of the French Revolution The Age of Enlightenment was a philosophical movement in the 17th and 18th centuries This influential movement supported many new ideas about the government and the people Lead by intellectuals and philosophers Challenged and questioned the idea of monarchy and motivated the revolution Finally the King decides to take action by calling upon a meeting in attempt to fix the countrys economic problems The assembly was composed of three estates; The First Estate: 10,000 the clergy, high leveled in Church hierarchy, chosen informally by other clergy (1%) The Second Estate: 400,000 the nobility, informally elected, some chose to support the third estate, however most refused (2%) The Third Estate: 500,000,000 everyone else, (also known as Bourgeoisie), Ideas represented concerns of the middle classes, hoped that their demands would change the ways of how the tax system worked Each estate had an even amount of votes They could join together to outvote the other estate The Start of the Revolution During the meeting, King Louis XVI suggested each Estate to compose a list of their grievances All agreed upon a need for a constitution, liberty of the press, and an end to internal trade barriers However, the upper classes refused to give up their tax privileges due to tradition The King himself was hesitant to act leading to indecisiveness The meeting ended in a failure due to the issues that occurred The National Assembly and the Tennis Court Oath As a result of the kings lack of leadership and the refusal of the upper classes to give in their privileges, the Third Estate decides to leave the Estate Generals. They decide to go independent and leave from the Estates General to form their own assembly. Some upper classes that agreed with reform had joined the assembly as well This independent group was called the National Constituent Assembly. This angered the King where he took it as a challenge to his powers He had commanded that the assembly was to be shut down and locked away He ended up using his powers to repeal all the acts and decisions made in the Assembly First major rebellion against the king Honore Gabriel Riquetti, Count of Mirabeau was an example to this. Was a nobleman who decided to join the Third Estate and agreed with them Locked out of their own assembly, members instead, turn over to a new place at a tennis court to further uphold their meetings. There, 576 participants had sworn an oath stating that they will never separate until a new France constitution had been established. This was known as the Tennis Court Oath

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AP Response Free Essays

This story, in all honesty, did not entertain me or stimulate intriguing thoughts. I felt like the author gave a lot of his time to describe the scene and the appearance of characters that there was nothing really going on. I spent most of my time while reading trying to figure out or thinking what certain things looked like rather than anticipating what may be happening next. We will write a custom essay sample on AP Response or any similar topic only for you Order Now Overall this story did not engage me nor hold my interest. I did on the other hand find the way Sammy’s attitude to toward the girls rather baffling because here are these three girls, two of which he mentions are overweight and not on the attractive side, and then â€Å"Queenie† whom he points out is too pale but yet in a sense â€Å"eye candy†. It was strange how he felt a pull towards them as soon as he noticed them and felt the need to quit his job and become their self proclaimed hero. Was he just as strange or just someone who really needs the attention? Sammy meets the need of one’s standards that may be classified as a normal and average teenage boy. He works, is easily distracted, and has a keen interest in girls. With Sammy’s vernacular and his actions he comes off as awkward by the time the story ends. He describes the girls the best way he knows how but uses a lot of similes and metaphors instead of just stating what one of their skin looks likes or what her body looks like. And when he describes the shoppers he makes them seem like they are suffering from oppression. As if they are they because they have to be just like he is there because he has no choice. And when something goes wrong or something out of the ordinary happens, like him quitting, they seem lost at what to do next. Just like the customers/shoppers when Sammy said â€Å"I quit†, he was not expecting it and was lost himself. And because he decided to quit out of nowhere to be an uncertified hero for these girls that he may possibly never see again, he knows he more than likely cannot get his job back and without that job, how is he suppose to survive out in the world with no money? I think the story endorses personal values. And the value of appearance is highly criticized because Sammy talks about how unattractive two out of three of the girls are based off his opinion which does not matter to these girls who may value their appearance and feel comfortable in every aspect of their bodies. Sammy’s actions to quit his job were stupid. He did not need to quit his job and try to be a hero to get their attention. He could of stood up for them without using â€Å"I quit† especially after the girls already make their way to the door and possibly unaware of what he is doing for them. In a way he came off as someone who needs to make a scene to be heard instead of just speaking with assertiveness. In a way this story has no point. It is a great example of realistic fiction. With the way certain descriptions laid out how the store may and even Sammy’s uniform may look. It was believable. How to cite AP Response, Papers

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Investment Advisory Services Design Effective Investment Plan

Question: Discuss about the Investment Advisory Services for Design Effective Investment Plan. Answer: Introduction Investment advisory services in rapidly getting popularity as the investment advisors play important role in guiding the investors to design effective investment plans by providing essential expertise to the investors so that the investors investment potentiality use to be improved. The investment advisors greatly contribute to the investors by minimizing the risks of investments as well as to maximize the return from the investment (Chong, 2004). The advisors use to make several different strategies as per the need of the investors and the strategies help the investors to optimize the investment profit and at the same time the strategies are helpful to minimize the investment risk. The equity or stock market is extremely volatile and highly risk prone investment as there are several factors, which influence the fluctuations of the stock market. Therefore, the investment advisors should have the required knowledge about the potential risks of the investment (Cornell, 2011). Besides t hey should have adequate knowledge of market, the potential of the market, about the several investment components of the market and the risks and potentiality of the investment components so that they can suggest the clients most effective investment option as per their requirements, which best suited to the investors profile. Main context Investment philosophy and strategy Investment policy is defined as the set of the principles that shapes and informs the individuals decision making process and thereby it also helps in the creation of appropriate investment philosophies for the individuals. The investment philosophy includes value investing, growth investing, and socially responsible investing with the technical investing process (Fabozzi and Markowitz, 2011). The investment policy helps in the formation of the coherent thinking of the markets with thereby considering the various types of the mistakes and also helps in the creation of belief with the consideration of the investor behavior. With the consideration of the brief introduction, an investment policy is seemed to be defined as the generation of the new strategies with the removal of the old ones. The ingredients of the investment philosophy determine the various steps that are the investment policies and thereby the investment policies are also view with the enhancement of the learning provi ding the view of human frailty (Elliott and Elliott, 2008). The generation determines the tactical views of the market with judging the efficiency of the market. It can be only seemed to be possible with the creation of foundation for the investment policy and thereby the strategies that are created reflect the beliefs. The categorization of the investment philosophies helps in the creation of market timing versus asset selection and thereby the activist investing with the passive investing and the time horizon (Bower and Gilbert, 2005). The investment policy helps in the creation of the market timing strategies, asset selectors and the arbitrage based strategies. The asset selectors help in the creation of chartists and value investors and the growth with the investors increment. The investment policy helps in the enhancement of the investment policy with the various steps that are the acquiring the tools of the trade, development of the point of view with about the market work and the break down work and the philosophy provision with providing the best fit for you. The tradeoff between risk and the return with the evaluation of the risk and thereby the models are measured for the enhancement of the qualitative measure. The traditional usage of the quantitative measures is indicated by the measurement of the risks in the terms of the volatility and the consideration of the standard deviation (Hiriyappa, 2008). The deviation also helps in the creation of the strategies in order to mitigate the risk factors regarding the investments made. The investments are made in such a way so that the risks are arranged with the consideration of the low risks and thereby the measurement of the objectives regarding the portfolio increases. The increment of the current income helps in the achievement of the goal with the enhancement of the policies and thereby the reduction of the volatile risks in seen in the case (Holton, 2012). The hedging process is also planned in the period of the investment which seemed to be a part of the strategy. The investment strateg y also helps in the creation of the appropriate management process with the usage of the SPI features (Jones, 2011). The bull and the bear of the market determines the increment of the profit with the increment of the risk factors and the bear determines the decrement of the profit with the decrement of the risk regarding the investments made in the market. These are the strategies that are planned for the appropriate creation of the investment portfolio with thereby helps in the enhancement of the return per annum. Portfolio Components The amount of fund that need to be manage = $1,000,000 LICs, ETPS and Shares Amount of money invested in shares Minimum = $1,000,000 * 40% = $4, 00,000 No maximum, it will depends on invested amount in shares as 50% of share exposure should be hedged Individual company shares Maximum = $1,000,000 * 10% = $100,000 At maximum level could invest in only 9 companies 1000 shares is minimum purchase parcel and purchased shares should be multiple of 100 Brokerage cost is excluded assuming that it is being externally covered. Selling shares that is being not purchased by the client should be purchase with the hope of falling price of share over the period (Stittle and Wearing, 2008). Short selling Selling shares that the client had not yet purchased but buying them back with the hope of falling share prices over the period. Short selling ensures that sufficient cash is available in CMT to repurchase the shares at the end of the period. The short sales of AMP limited 10,000 shares @5.17. It represents cash inflow and should be held for repurchase of amount $51,700 in October. Future contracts and options SPI future contract will provide an option to hedge the portfolio and speculating on change in market index by using SPI future contracts traded on ASX. Acting as a buyer or seller of SPI 200 contract of December 2016 Current trading value is 5,336 A settlement account should be open at $10,000 per 200 SPI contract. Purchasing future contract would give exposure to the investment value of ($25*5336*5)= $667000 will require investment margin of ($10,000*5)= $50,000 Contract price of SPI represents $25 value change SPI Options SPI option allow to hedge the market index change SPI option is similar to the future contracts excepts they are not contractual The client has to pay purchase premium and provide margin account with the future contract Option value is (SPI value *$25) per contract Purchase premium is (premium *$25) per contract 5 SPI 200 purchase call option will give exposure to investment value of (5,336*5*$25)= $6677000 and would cost premium of (5*$49200$$25)= $61500 Investment in cash management trust Total investment in CMT Minimum = $0 Maximum = $1,000,000 * 20% = $200,000 Selection of asset The selection of asset is important in order to create value over the investment. The value of portfolio at the end of the period The value of the portfolio today The client can select assets on the basis of: Price of shares and performances over the period of time Fundamental factors (dividends, beta, NTA, P/E ratio) News announcements Economic conditions that may suit particular industries or companies It applies equally to ETFs, LICs and future and options Situations Expect increase in share price over next 3 months Purchasing share, ETP or LIC directly Purchasing call options on underlying share Purchasing 200 SPI future contracts or 200 SPI call option if in general market will fall Expect decrease in the share price over next 3 months Purchasing put options on underlying share Short selling the shares Selling 200 SPI futures contract or purchasing 200 SPI if in general market will fall Purchases - Equity Shares Cost ($) ($) BlueScope steel (10,000@$6.47) 64700 Fortescue Metals Group (20,000@$3.63) 72600 Newcrest Mining (3,000@$24) 72000 Treasury Wine Estates (7,000@$9.28) 64,960 Dominos Pizza Enterprises (1,000@$68.82) 68,820 Aristocrat Leisure (5,000@13.44) 67,200 Cimic Group (2,000@$35.95) 71,900 REA Group (1,000@$59.23) 59,230 Cochlear (600@$121.29) 72,774 Vocus Communication (6,000@$8.42) 50,520 664704 Short Sales- Equity Shares Santos (5,000@$4.63) 23,150 BHP Billiton (2,000@$19.09) 38,180 Ansell (2,000@$18.54) 37,080 Woolworths (1,000@$20.74) 20,740 Woodside Petroleum (1,000@$26.64) 26,640 -145,790 ETPs and LICs Platinum Capital (30,000@$4.63) 48,300 WAM Capital (20,000@$2.23) 44,600 SPDR ASX/SP 200 Fund (1,000@$49.14) 49,140 I Shares SP 500 ETF Fund (250@$282.03) 70,508 Beta Shares Gold Bullion ETF (5,000@$14.14) 70,700 283,248 Hedged Position for the ASX Equity Investments 200 SPI Futures contract value =5336*$25=$133,400 Sell 200 SPI future contract on 4 dec @5336 40000 40000 Cash Investment in the Cash Management Trust Cash Holding 157838 1000000 Brief explanation The investment profile can be designed with potential equity securities of listed investment companies, besides this, exchange traded fund such as exchange traded gold fund, SP/ASX 200 - PRICE INDEX which are potential investment tools and provide effective investment option to the investors as per the requirement of the investors(Knill, 2010). The particular investor of the case study want to invest the money $1000, 000 in growth market thus can achieve considerable growth of the fund. His main requirement is to invest around 40% of the total investment into the physical equity investments in the highest quality securities in order to ensure the profitability of the investment. The top quality shares are usually high performance share and assured a certain guarantee of the returns. Means, if there is not any big changes happened then the companies equity will provide significant amount of profits to the investors (Mahone et al., 2009). Besides this, investors will be recommended to invest in Bullion market in gold ETF as the bullion has huge potential and as the investment will be for long term thus, the potentiality of the gold fund will be greater. The company must not invest more than 10% of total investment in a particular share or equity, because in this case the risk can increased as if the performance of the share declined then the investor has to face substantial amount of loss thus the investor has to divided his/her investment profile in several different parts so that the risk can be divided and thus the risk can be managed (Wolf, 2008). Besides this the investors can invest in the Australian direct share investment components which are usually less risk prone and high growth investment tools as by the investment tools the company investment fund will be improved significantly and thus the potentiality of the investment portfolio will be enhanced substantially (Holton, 2012). The investor can invest in equity index futures which are high growth fund in order to increase the investment opportunity of the investment portfolio of the company and thus the company can provide additional finance facilities to the employees of the company, which help the employees in their retirement plan. The investor can invest in future and option investment tools in order to mitigate the risk of the investment as these are the tools, which help the investors in hedging, which minimize the risk of the investment so that the companys investment prospects will be improved(Wong, 2011). Several effective strategies bull spread or cover call as well as butterfly strategies can be applied, which effectively reduce the risks of the investment as well as improve the potentiality of the investment. Conclusion The decisions to make investment in the companies are very critical and crucial. Therefore, it is very important for the investors to determine and analyze the financial performance of a company. The share price of companies varies and fluctuates in the business environment. Therefore, it becomes important for the investors to take decision in which companies they should invest in order to get maximum returns. The new client should take decision on the basis of the performance of the companies. The main focus of the investors is to earn maximum profits and take appropriate investment decision. The investment portfolio of the investor shows that the performance of SP/ASX 200 index had the closing value of around 5,388.50 as on 13/7/2016. The investment decision of the client is appropriate and high profit earning is the main focus. References Bower, J. and Gilbert, C. (2005).From resource allocation to strategy. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Chong, Y. (2004).Investment risk management. Chichester, West Sussex, Eng.: John Wiley Sons. Cornell, B. (2011). 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